Workshop A:オンラインでもできる!「国際共修」ワークショップ| We Can Do It Online As Well! Workshop for “Intercultural Collaborative Learning”


末松和子(東北大学),秋庭裕子 (一橋大学),北出慶子 (立命館大学),髙橋美能 (東北大学),水松巳奈 (東洋大学),川平英里 (立教大学),米澤由香子(東北大学),尾中夏美 (岩手大学),黒田千晴 (神戸大学)



Comments from the instructors:

Kazuko Suematsu (Tohoku University),Hiroko Akiba (Hitotsubashi University),Keiko Kitadeki (Ritsumeikan University),Mino Takahashi (Tohoku University),Mina Mizumatsu (Toyo University),Eri Kabira (Rikkyo University),Yukako Yonezawa (Tohoku University),Natsumi Onaka (Iwate University),Chiharu Kuroda (Kobe University)

Workshop A was held online for 3 hours by 9 facilitators on September 3rd and 4th. The 88 participants in total learned the significance and values of intercultural collaborative learning and about the issues in practice, especially in the context of online learning. In addition, this workshop aimed to develop a network of practitioners who want to introduce intercultural collaborative learning. After explanation of the outline of intercultural collaborative learning followed by the introduction of some practical cases, the participants were divided into four thematic groups (class design, coping with differences in learning environment, effective facilitation, and learning assessment methods). Each group used Padlet, an online virtual “bulletin” board, to collect the members’ thoughts about challenges and tips for the assigned theme. The workshop ended with sharing the ideas of groups to each other.

The workshop collected generally positive comments from the participants, such as; “I was able to exchange ideas with other participants about the role of teachers as a facilitator.” “The online tools and systems introduced in the workshop seemed useful. The presentation on how the instructors actually use these tools and systems were very helpful.” “I felt that the structure and method of this workshop can be applied to class activities and projects I organize.” “This was my first time to use Padlet. I would like to use it in my class, too.” “The learning experience I appreciated the most in the workshop was that I was able to learn about the efforts of people in other universities. I think identifying common issues and sharing solutions to them must be useful in the future.”

The output of group work from both days will be compiled into “Toranomaki”, tips for successful teaching for online intercultural collaborative learning so that learners and practitioners can use them in their teaching and learning practice.