Session7 「国立大初の学生全員留学に向けた取り組み、課題」| “Approaches and Issues: Study Abroad Opportunities for all Students”

佐藤 之彦(千葉大学)

受講者感想 : 藤森千尋 (日本英語検定協会)

学生にとって成長のきっかけとなりうる留学に関して、2020年よりスタートした学生全員留学プログラム、ENGINE(Enhanced Network for Global Innovative Education)について共有させていただいた。全員留学は、「次世代型人材の育成にあたり、必要不可欠な資質・能力となる国際性、多様な価値観、語学力・コミュニケーション能力等を涵養する」という基本方針のもと進めているが、そうした大学全体としてグローバル化を推進した背景や、推進することによって直面してきた多くの課題をどう乗り越え、実現できたか、その経緯を説明した。また本格的に始動するタイミングで起こった新型コロナウィルスという問題に対しての方針や、留学代替プログラムなど、試行錯誤していることに関しても共有させていただいた。


Yukihiko Sato (Chiba University)

Comments from a participant :  Chihiro Fujimori (Eiken Foundation of Japan)

Through this session, we shared experience and information regarding the ENGINE (Enhanced Network for Global Innovative Education) program lunched by Chiba University in 2020 in order to send all students for study abroad to enhance their personal and career development.

The “Everyone studies abroad” project is pursued in accordance with the university’s basic policy to foster essential abilities including international awareness, understanding various values, and language and communication skills. The session leaders  explained what made Chiba University focus on internationalisation and how it was realised by overcoming hurdles faced along the way. In addition, as COVID-19 broke out exactly as the project was about to be carried out, the university’s plans and trials for substitute programmes were also shared.

There were more than fifty attendees who work at university and/or in English education. As the session was conducted online, the only way to know how they liked the session was via the Q&A. The audience had a number of questions which showed how interested they were in offering study abroad to students. Some questions were insightful, making correct guesses regarding our current  struggles and feeling the necessity for more creativity. It was reassuring that all participants shared common views in pursuing such internationalization-related projects.