REPORT on Series VII: Possible remedies – student mobility in Asia and the Pacific during Covid-19 pandemic

Our webinar series was finalized with the June 24th online session. It was significant for us to have 6 commentators in addition to 3 main speakers. All the speakers and commentators gave important messages regarding remedies of education abroad for post-during COVID-19. We will continue our discussion at SIIEJ (Summer Institute on International Education, Japan) 2020. Please join us. We will have SIIEJ 2020 mostly online setting due to the COVID-19 situation.

Shingo Ashizawa (Toyo University)
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Randall Martin (British Columbia Council for International Education)
Chris Ziguras (RMIT)
Keiko Ikeda (Kansa University)
Don Bysouth (Kansa University)
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Ahyee Lee (Fu Jen Catholic University)
Seth Kunin (Curtin University)
Lee G. Sternberger (Western Washington University)
Abdul Latiff Ahmad (The National University of Malaysia (UKM))
Angie Lee (Hanyang University)
Lily Freida Milla (Commission on Higher Education, Philippines)

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