REPORT on Series V: Covid-19 and Paradigm Shift of International Education

On May 27th we conducted the 5th event of our webinar series which focuses on “COVID-19 and international education”. Presenters described impact of COVID-19 to higher education and paradigm shift they witnessed. Prof. Deane Neubauer described a large scale of pictures including disruption of faculty and student mobility and innovation on virtual learning. Prof. Kazuo Kuroda annualized current situation with 3 dimensions which is 1) expected outcome, 2) activities of higher education institutions and 3) partnership. It was significant to have a survey result which was conducted by Dr. Ka Ho Mok and Dr. Amoah.  More than 580 students from 26 countries responded to the survey. I would like to thank all the participants, presenters and the RECSIE staff members.

Shingo Ashizawa (Toyo University)
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Deane Neubauer (University of Hawaii)
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Ka Ho Mok (Lingnan University)
Padmore Amoah (Lingnan University)
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Kazuo Kuroda (Waseda University)
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Discussion  [PDF]
Participants’ Voice  [PDF]
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